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Percer la lumière, avec Nüvü Camēras

January 26th 2012

An article describing in interesting detail the origins of the company followed by a concise description of astronomical and biomedical applications of Nüvü Camēras’ EMCCD technology was published in early 2012. The article also details the long-term goals and ambitions of the company’s cofounders, Marie-Eve Ducharme and Olivier Daigle.

Le Plateau, Gabrielle Brassard-Lecours

Petites, mais novatrices

January 26th 2012

An article describes emerging young businesses marketing innovative new technologies. Among the 3 presented companies, Nüvü Camēras was described in fair detail and several potential contributions to biomedical research as well as an insight on future projects were listed.

La Presse, Stéphane Champagne

Nüvü Camēras receives funding from government of canada to implement its commercialization strategy

October 24th 2011

In the fall of 2011, a press release was issued detailing the fund granted by the Government of Canada for Nüvü Camēras to accelerate its commercialization strategy.

Marketwired, Marie-Claude Lemire, Pierre Florea

Nüvü repousse les limites de l’observable

September 17th 2011

Near the beginning of autumn of 2011, an article was published in Les Affaires, a business-related newspaper, discussing some promising applications of the EM N2 camera.

Les Affaires, Dominique Froment

Nüvü Camēras: voir ce que les autres ne voient pas

January 22nd 2011

An article about the cofounders of Nüvü Camēras, Marie-Eve Ducharme and Olivier Daigle, as well as the technological innovations brought forth by the company was published in early 2011 in La Presse Affaires.

La Presse Affaires, Bouchra Ouatik

600 profs discutent sciences

November 8th 2010

Nüvü Camēras cofounder Olivier Daigle was honored at the 45th conference of the Assocation for the Education of Science and Technology in Quebec to promote an interest in the pursuit of college-level studies in science among young students.

Journal de Lévis, Marie-Christine Patry

Olivier Daigle (Nüvü Camēras) a développé la caméra la plus sensible au monde

August 23rd 2010

An article was published in Le Lien Multimédia in the summer of 2010 discussing Nüvü Camēras cofounders Marie-Eve Ducharme and Olivier Daigle’s efforts to start a company with the purpose of commercializing the most innovative EMCCD camera. The article further describes the major advantages of the imaging system as well as some potential applications in growing fields of study, namely biomedical research.

Le Lien Multimédia, Sophie Bernard

Du DEC technique au Doctorat en Astrophysique: La découverte de la caméra la plus sensible au monde – entrevue avec Olivier Daigle

May 25th 2010

An insightful interview was conducted with cofounder Olivier Daigle that adequately summarizes his education and scientific background before designing the revolutionary EMCCD controller, the technology behind Nüvü Camēras.

Portail du Réseau collégial du Québec, Alain Lallier

Olivier Daigle, personality of the week

May 17th 2010

Within a month after the creation of Nüvü Camēras, La Presse, a Montreal-based newspaper, issued a portrait recounting cofounder Olivier Daigle’s passion and motivation for designing the most sensitive EMCCD imaging system.

La Presse, Anne Richer

L’ÉTS félicite chaleureusement Olivier Daigle, diplômé en génie électrique

May 14th 2010

A mere few weeks following the foundation of Nüvü Camēras, a press release recounting the history and inspiring motivation behind cofounder Olivier Daigle’s innovative design of a novel EMCCD camera was published.

Emmanuelle Berthou
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