Cutting edge imaging for the industry

Inspect detailed objects with unique sensitivity and at the highest frame rates available for E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣s⁣. For demanding scanning applications, get what is expected from a high-end   camera: virtually no noise.


Industrial applications

  • Quality Control
    Obtain high quality images at the highest frame rates available for EMCCDs and benefit from the innovative Time-Delay Integration (TDI) technology to drastically increase effective exposure times on fast moving targets.

    Quality control is an important part of the production chain for many manufacturers, as it ensures that the product is delivered to the client free of any defects. However, observing a complex sample efficiently can prove challenging, especially when a limited amount of light reaches certain regions of the object or it is moving at high speeds.

    Efficient light detection

    With electron multiplication, the read noise in an E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ is negligible compared to other camera types. Nüvü Cameras additionally reduces the main source of noise in E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣s⁣, clock-induced charges, with a complete redesign of E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ electronics. The result is a remarkably sensitive imaging solution that will offer higher quality images in shorter exposure times.

    High speed imaging and Time-Delay Integration

    Nüvü’s patented electronics allow to drive the E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ detectors at higher frame rates for faster snapshot imaging, all while keeping exceptional sensitivity. Our cameras also feature Time-Delay Integration (T⁣D⁣I⁣); a novel technique in which the detector is read synchronous to the movement of the target. This results in a much longer effective exposure time, and thus more signal collected, without any blurring or tracking necessary. T⁣D⁣I⁣ is the ideal imaging method for moving objects, such as production on a conveyor belt.