Nüvü Camēras continuously
seeks to enrich its
dynamic & innovative team



We are hiring

Thanks to the creativity and excellence of its team members, Nüvü Camēras became a leader in E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ imaging.

To honour its international growth, Nüvü Camēras is continuously looking for professionals with strong experience, autonomy and a thirst for solutions. Technicians, engineers, physicists and representatives are some examples of future profiles that we will be looking for.


Current employment offers

If you believe you can add value to Nüvü Camēras’ dynamic team, you want a challenging and motivating career centred on cutting edge expertise; please send your resume along with a letter of intent.

The cultivation of talents

Culture of innovation

Open to mutual strategic alliances, Nüvü Camēras interest is to continuously increase its cutting edge expertise on low light imaging.

By promoting values such as the cultivation of talents and long-term employment as well as open innovation with state-of-the-art partners all over the world, Nüvü Camēras offers the possibility to constantly innovate in fields at the finest point of technology.

Already involved with various academic institutions for development, research internships and education on high sensitivity E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ and their cutting edge applications, Nüvü Camēras assure the next generation of qualified manpower.

Students and graduates if you believe you can add value to Nüvü Camēras by transferring your skills from theory to our real-world applications, please send your resume and letter of intent.

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