HNü TDI – Scanning CCD

Built for demanding scanning applications

Scientific-grade imaging technology meets the industry

Industry-leading Time Delay Integration (T⁣D⁣I⁣) performances, from U⁣V⁣ to visible
The HNü T⁣D⁣I⁣ represents a new step in industrial imaging, with wide 4k resolution, low background noise, rapid line rates and high U⁣V⁣-visible sensitivity. It boasts performances rarely combined in a single camera – all thanks to Nüvü’s patented C⁣C⁣D⁣ controller & unique expertise. Combined with the T⁣D⁣I⁣ readout mode, for superior image quality on moving objects, the HNü T⁣D⁣I⁣ is a perfect fit for applications such as semiconductor inspection & U⁣V⁣ defect detection.

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HNü TDI – Scanning CCD

Outstanding low light scanning performances

  • Line rate up to 103 kHz
  • Resolution of 4096 (H) x 128 (V) pixels
  • Readout noise lower than 65 electrons

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Highest Quantum Efficiency

The quantum efficiency (Q⁣E⁣) dictates how well the camera’s sensor converts received photons into image signal and is a crucial metric in optimizing any imaging system. The HNü T⁣D⁣I⁣ offers unmatched Q⁣E⁣ both in the visible (peak >90%) and in the U⁣V⁣ (peak >70%), with these shorter wavelengths allowing for the detection of smaller defects – an important asset in wafer inspection.

HNü TDI – Scanning CCD
Typical spectral response as a function of wavelength, as specified by the detector manufacturer.
HNü TDI – Scanning CCD
Example of imaging the word NÜVÜ using TDI readout mode. The intensity of the signal is increased as the word moves across the detector.

Designed for simple integration

The user-friendly HNü T⁣D⁣I⁣ provides many advantages to efficiently bridge the gap between purchase, setup and usage.

Standard holding posts on the sides of the camera allow quick and easy integration into any system. The HNü T⁣D⁣I⁣ also offers data transfer through Camera Link for fast and reliable image data transmission.

Fully integrated services

Software tools

  • NüPixel control, acquisition and analysis software
  • Software development kit (S⁣D⁣K⁣) for customizable programming
  • Windows & Linux compatibility
  • Various drivers available for commercial software
  • Worldwide professional customer support
HNü TDI – Scanning CCD
NüPixel Software
  • Support

    In addition to an intuitive user manual for the easy installation and use of our products, Nüvü Camēras offers international on-site training as well as complete consulting services. Our team’s passion is the development of the ultra low-light imaging field; as such, we provide a variety of services to efficiently minimize the delay between purchase and discoveries.

  • Warranty

    Nüvü Camēras is a Canadian company specialized in designing and manufacturing novel E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ cameras for fields where the drive for cutting edge instrumentation propels innovation. We improve imaging performance for a number of fields including biomedical research, astronomy, photonics and more. As such, our cameras benefit from extended warranty policies. Basic warranty is 2 years on all parts and labor (subject to the terms and conditions expressed in the respective products’ user manuals).

    Extended warranty options also available.