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Imaging Expertise

Since 2010, the company has brought its expertise to the forefront with its highly referenced publications, numerous internationally renowned clients and innovation alliances at the cutting edge of technology and science.

Nüvü Camēras unique multidisciplinary team, composed of engineers, scientists and technicians focused on the design, manufacture and integration of ultra-sensitive imaging products, are continuously challenged to provide complete innovative imaging solutions to the most demanding applications in low light conditions.

Here are examples of the diversified experts available at Nüvü Camēras: Space Integration Engineer, Quantum Physics Application Expert, Linux Software Scientist, Windows Software Engineer, FPGA Design Engineer, Embedded Software Engineer, Opto-Mechanical Engineer.

Team & Partnerships

Executive Management

Marie-Eve Ducharme

President & CEO

  • Graduated in Physics from the University of Montreal and in Management from Hautes Études Commerciales, HEC Montreal, Marie-Eve Ducharme specialized in Innovation Management from the École de Technologie Superieure, before adding 15 years of experience in the management of new solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

  • With solid management experience with academic and private institutions, Marie-Eve Ducharme successfully launches her 2nd high technology start-up company, Nüvü Camēras. Initially a manager of various projects at the University of Montreal, she was then physicist and project manager at Photon etc., an innovative company specialized in hyperspectral imaging and spectroscopy instruments, where she quickly became the COO.

  • In addition to leading the development of E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ products since 2008, she has successfully led more than 12 major development projects in advanced optical instrumentation while respecting budgets accorded by the National Council of Research of Canada and the Canadian Space Agency, amongst others, totalling more than $15 million entrusted to her management. In 2017, the Young Chamber of Commerce of Montreal awards her the International Leader Award.

  • Her success led her to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs by co-chairing the Montreal Inc. Foundation’s fundraising campaign, an organization that has been a springboard for Nüvü Caméras in terms of its leading financial partner and business network. She also serves on the board of the Montreal Innovation District and Optonique, Quebec’s center of excellence in optics and photonics.

Team & Partnerships

Olivier Daigle

Vice-President & CTO

  • Graduated in Electrical Engineering at the School of Technology Superior, Olivier Daigle then knocks on the door of the University of Montreal and undertakes, in 2002, a Master’s degree in astrophysics. Who says digital cameras also says C⁣C⁣D⁣ chips. However, if the chips installed in these devices offer satisfactory performance in common uses, they have precision limits when it comes to scientific accuracy. These are the limits and their causes – especially the “noise” induced by electrical voltage – that Olivier Daigle studies

  • as part of his Master’s degree. His research then takes the form of a job at Photon etc. coupled with an industrial doctoral scholarship with the University of Montreal and the Université de Provence. During his Ph.D., Olivier Daigle designed the C⁣C⁣C⁣P⁣, the technological secret behind the performance of Nüvü Cameras products.

  • With more than 40 publications and contributions to scientific conferences on E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ technology, Olivier Daigle is recognized as a world leader in E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ technology. Radio Canada and La Presse awarded Dr. Olivier Daigle Personality of the Year 2010 in the Science and Technology category for his significant contribution to tomorrow’s discoveries.

Team & Partnerships

Stéphane Tremblay

Corporate Affairs Director

  • Cumulating over 30 years of experience in carrying out mandates in the banking, government industries for both private and public companies, Stéphane Tremblay has carried out numerous projects such as business cases, feasibility studies and business planning. Including the development of business strategies, organizational models, performance measurements and financial analysis.

  • With a vast experience in project management, project financing, business financing, negotiation as well as in the realization of partnerships, merger, acquisition, sale and restructuring of companies, Stéphane Tremblay has also carried out numerous evaluations during his career. As such, he was instrumental in various government programs in the measures and strategies to promote regional and sectoral economic development.

Team & Partnerships

Sylvie Hamel

Administration Director

  • Sylvie holds a Bachelor degree from the University of Quebec in Montreal, is a graduate of the Conservatoire Lasalle in speech science and a member of the Order of Chartered Administrators of Quebec. Along with her accreditations, she has more than 30 years of experience in finance, administration and human resources. For almost 24 years, she was an entrepreneur before selling her successful business in 2010.

  • With a continuous concern for efficiency, Sylvie Hamel oversees administrative tools and processes according to the needs of the company’s growth. At Nüvü Camēras, she is in charge of, among other things, financial control, financial statements, payroll, group insurance and employee pension plans as well as procurement.

Team & Partnerships

Yoann Gosselin

Sales Director

  • With a bachelor’s degree in physical engineering and a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from the École Polytechnique de Montréal, Yoann Gosselin cumulates ten years of experience with E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ and low-flow imaging technologies. During his medical diagnostic research, he was able to take advantage of Nüvü Caméras’ unique E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ technology and the breadth of its possible applications by making it available for cancer detection.

  • Over the years, he has specialized in cutting-edge areas such as quantitative hyper-spectral imaging, single-atom imaging, super-resolution, adaptive optics, space surveillance and more. Since 2011, Yoann Gosselin has been working on the international expansion of Nüvü Cameras, market development and the promotion of new applications for its innovative products.

Team & Partnerships
Team & Partnerships
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