HNü EMCCD Camera

    Nüvü™'s range of E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ & C⁣C⁣D⁣ cameras & controllers

    Reduce the cost in time to acquire high-quality images, increase the detection rate, increase the quality and reliability of your diagnosis and make new scientific discoveries possible.

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    CCCP Controller
    HNü TDI Camera
    EM N2 EMCCD Camera

    A new standard for low light imaging

    Nüvü™ patented technology offers unparalleled sensitivity thanks to the highest signal-to-noise ratio with optimal image quality to meet the most demanding needs of low light imaging applications.

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    Our services

    Let us help you

    To efficiently minimize the delay between purchase and future discoveries, please benefit from our remote and on-site expertise for the integration of our products, development of custom hardware or software solutions and consultation services.

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