High sensitivity time delay integration TDI mode

The HNü TDI camera provides exactly what is to be expected from a high-end CCD TDI camera: virtually no noise. The TDI readout mode allows for a longer exposition period positively impacting the image quality. Integrating the patented CCD Controller for Counting Photons, it creates fewer clock-induced charges than other CCD cameras. In short, it is the finest camera for demanding scanning applications.

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Outstanding low-light scanning performance

Line rate up to 103 KHz

Resolution of 4424 (H) x 128 (V) pixels

Readout noise lower than 45 electrons

The HNü innovative packaging ensures optimal chip operations at -85 °C with air cooling

Time-Delay Integration TDI Principles

A readout mode based on the concept of the accumulation of cumulative exposures of the same object as it is moving linearly under the detector. It synchronizes the transfer of the charges from one line to the next with the same speed as the object is moving under the camera:

  • Example of imaging the word NÜVÜ using TDI Readout mode. The intensity of the signal in increased as the word moves across the detector TDI Reading

 Highest quantum efficiency

In order to detect the most photons, CCD cameras must optimize the total effective quantum efficiency (QE). In turn, this critical parameter is influenced by the sensor’s quantum efficiency.

Typical spectral response as a function of wavelength, as measured by the detector manufacturer

QE Typical spectral response

HNü TDI quantum efficiency.


HNü TDI Specsheet

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Software tools

The NüPixel software is designed as a user-friendly tool for intuitive control, acquisition, and analysis of any snapshots and sequences acquired with all Nüvü Camēras products.

For customizable programming, a complementary software development kit (SDK) is included. A variety of drivers for third-party software, as well as consulting services, are also available.


In addition to an intuitive user manual for independent installation and use of our products, Nüvü Camēras offers international on-site training as well as complete installation consulting services. Our team’s passion is the development of the ultra low light imaging field; as such, we provide a variety of services to efficiently minimize the delay between purchase and future discoveries.


Nüvü Camēras is a Canadian company specialized in designing and manufacturing novel EMCCD and CCD cameras for fields where the drive for cutting edge instrumentation propels innovation. We improve imaging performance for a number of fields including biomedical research, astronomy, photonics and more. As such, our cameras benefit from extended warranty policies. Basic warranty includes a 2-year warranty on all parts and labor (subject to the terms and conditions expressed in the respective products’ user manuals).

Extended warranty options are also available on demand.