Nouvelles et événements

Development of a 1U new space camera for EMCCD and CCD sensors with enhanced low-light sensitivity

Flight photon counting electron multiplying charge coupled device development for the Roman Space Telescope coronagraph instrument

Balloon-borne FIREBall-2 ultraviolet spectrograph stray light control based on nonsequential reverse modeling of on-sky data

Laser optical differentiation WFS design and lab characterization for SIGHT

Eastern Anatolia Observatory (DAG): the status in 2022, towards the first light

Status of the SALTO demonstrator: project overview and first on-sky operations

Balloon-borne FIREBall-2 UV spectrograph stray light control based on non-sequential reverse modeling of on-sky data

GPI 2.0: performance evaluation of the wavefront sensor’s EMCCD

Optical design of the adaptive optics system for DAG, the new 4 m Turkish telescope

TROIA adaptive optics system for DAG telescope: assembly and laboratory performance prior to on-sky assessment