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EMCCD for nanosatellites

Nüvü exclusively offers space compatible E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ cameras & readout electronics

nüSpace is an E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ camera proximity electronics (C⁣C⁣C⁣P⁣) compatible with small satellites in terms of budget, bass, volume and power consumption.

Designed to be integrated into a 6U nanosatellite in low-Earth orbit, nüSpace E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ products enable a wide variety of applications from very long exposures times required for Direct Exoplanet imaging, to very short exposure times required for Adaptive Optics real-time correction.

Space Domain Awareness, Night Time Earth Observation and other space-based applications can also greatly benefits from Nüvü’s sub-electron readout noise.

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  • Orbit and level radiation LEO ***
  • Vibration tested
  • Made for vacuum environment
  • Operational Tº range -35 to 60ºC (passively cooled)
  • E⁣M⁣C⁣C⁣D⁣ Tº range optimized for p⁣h⁣o⁣t⁣o⁣n⁣ ⁣c⁣o⁣u⁣n⁣t⁣i⁣n⁣g⁣ (passively cooled)