CCCP controller

CCD Controller for Counting Photons



CCCP is the technology behind Nüvü Camēras’ extraordinary sensitivity in low light imaging. The patented controller generates significantly less clock-induced charges (CIC) than any other CCD controller during charge transfer throughout the EMCCD (down to an average below 0.001 ē/pixel/frame), therefore allowing for greater EM gain to ultimately attain sub-electron readout noise.

The CCCP is available for acquisition systems using customized EMCCD cameras. While maintaining a current setup, the controller will increase maximum electron-multiplying gain fivefold, diminish CIC up to 10 times while sustaining exceptional charge transfer efficiency (CTE). This simple replacement will result in greater photon counting performances. Such solution thus provides great flexibility while offering the best low light imaging capabilities.

For experienced users and EMCCD builders

The CCCP is exclusively available to experienced EMCCD camera builders: one must consider all potential noise sources across the entire setup while building a customized camera to benefit from the controller’s performance.

A variety of scientific publications characterizing and demonstrating the advantages of the CCCP are available below.

Astronomical Imaging With EMCCDs Using Long Exposures

An EMCCD camera has been optimized for taking long exposures of low-light targets to ascertain its best operating parameters for prolonged exposure astronomical imaging. (2014)

EMCCDs: 10 MHz and Beyond

e2v Technologies’ CCD201-20 driven by the CCCP controller is clocked at 10 MHz, then 20 MHz, in order to study its CTE, CIC and EM gain linearity. (2014)

Characterization results of EMCCDs for extreme low light imaging

e2v Technologies’ CCD60 (128 × 128), CCD97 (512 × 512) and CCD201-20 (1024 × 1024) horizontal and vertical CIC, dark current and EM gain stability were studied while driven by the CCD Controller for Counting Photons. (2012)

The Darkest EMCCD ever

The innovative CCD Controller for Counting Photons was integrated into an EMCCD camera and tested at the Observatoire du Mont Mégantic. (2010)

Extreme Faint Flux Imaging with an EMCCD

The CCD Controller for Counting Photons was integrated with an e2v Technologies’ CCD97 EMCCD chip. Its performances were examined at the Observatoire du Mont Mégantic 1.6 m telescope and in the laboratory. (2009)

CCCP: A CCD Controller for Counting Photons

The CCCP technology is presented for the first time. (2008)

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Any questions about EMCCD or low light imaging? Nüvü Camēras experts can provide advices on your low light imaging options. Our patented technology may very well be useful to improve both image quality and acquisition rates for any low light application. Please feel free to contact our experienced application scientists for more information.